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Petting Devices April 22, 2012

Posted by erasmusgalileo in Uncategorized.

If my human would ever leave his laptop open I would blog more. Here is what I want you to understand, especially you kittens: humans have two perfectly good petting devices on the ends of their arms, and you have to use them to maximum effect. Sometimes it appears that their petting devices are not functioning, but one trick I have learned with the years is that if you rub yourself against them the effect is almost as good as if the petting devices themselves are moving. Besides, sometimes that gets them to start moving. You can’t just wait for the pets to begin. Patience is not a cat’s best friend here. You need to start the petting. Of course, presenting your belly for the humans usually works pretty well, too, but not always.

Something that I’ll bet many of you do not know is that humans also come equipped with two other petting devices on the ends of their back legs, which they use to walk on. But sometimes these are also available. Unfortunately, they like to put these big, clumsy caps on the ends of them for no good reason. But sometimes they take them off, and believe me, not only can you get great pets that way, the smell is awesome. I highly recommend trying to encourage this in your humans, particularly in the morning when they first get up, because they usually don’t have those funny caps on their feet.

One last thing before I forget. Humans have this weird thing about not wearing their fur sometimes. And they will leave it places. If your human isn’t around and you can’t sleep in their lap, you can sleep on the fur. It is warm and it smells like my human. Note: sometimes they get upset when you do this. I have no earthly idea why. Humans are strange. Anyway, that is probably enough to think about. Go take a nap. And make sure you wash your fur when you get up. Just some useful tips from your truly, Erasmus



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