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This blog exists for one major reason–to encourage humans to give their cats more chicken. A major cause of suffering in the world today is not getting enough chicken. And it is easily remedied. Beef is good, too, as is Tuna, and Liver and Salmon are alright. But chicken is clearly the supreme flavor. My human has been mystified for years at how, when he sets the different flavors of cans in front of me, I always pick the chicken. Well, one time in ten years I picked beef, but we all have our strange moods. Anyhow, he wonders how I always pick the chicken because it is supposed to be hermetically sealed. Well duh, I read the label. Besides, chicken is bright read, which is one of the few colors I can see (so they tell me). Anyway, to make a long story short, get your cat more chicken. And pets are good, too. And if you happen to be a cat, I’ll share practical tips on how to get your human to be more responsive. Mine are just plain dumb, sometimes.



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