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Lap Season October 3, 2009

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You humans may have your spring, summer, fall and winter, but for me there are only two seasons: window season and lap season. Window season is when the window is open and I can hear the birds and look out and glare at the squirrels as they cross the lawn. Once I held a squirrel frozen in mortal terror for twenty minutes until my human laughed at me when he came back into the room and found us in the same position. That distracted me and the squirrel got away. That happened a few years ago and I am still mad at him.

My humans say the window is like television for cats. Well, when it is open it is like high definition. The birds are louder and the picture is better because the windows get smudged sometimes.

It’s not like I have to have an open window. I can quit that habit any time I want to. In fact, one time I nearly caught a bird I couldn’t see. It was warbling away in its inconsiderate way next to the air conditioner. Since it was right across the Styrofoam, I waited for my chance, then shot my paw through it so fast it busted the Styrofoam. That bird must have been scared to see my paw come crashing through his little nest! That’ll show him. My human didn’t like it much, though.

Anyway, window season is good times, particularly at night when it is just me and the rodentia. Crickets are OK, they make good light snacking, but I could really go for some high quality rodentia. That’s mice for you humans who couldn’t figure that out.

Sadly, it is cold now and my humans are keeping the window closed. But now I can crawl on their laps to stay warm and think deep philosophical thoughts like these which I can blog about when the humans are out of the house. Lap season lasts for a long time around here. But it has its up side. Thinking about it is making me sleepy. I’m going to go nap somewhere. Catch you later (that goes double for you rodentia!).